ARC+ at University of Toronto

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ARC is located in the heart of John Andrew's brutalist Scarborough campus design of the 1960's. The new building functions as a 'town square' and the intellectual heart of the university. The design helps to urbanize this suburban campus by formalizing its principle east-west pedestrian spine, and by defining a courtyard to the south, which creates a microclimate, and addresses the Andrew's facade.

This project benefited from an intensive participatory design process. The users insisted on the development of a democratic and non-hierarchical space which would express the promise of the democratization of information in a contemporary library. A clear systems approach to the design resulted in a project which was 15% under budget.

MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects were the Design Architects in association with RDH Architects as Prime Consultants.

2008 OAA Design Excellence Award
2004 Lieutenant Governor’s Award of Merit