Box House

Box House, referred to by the carpenters as a “15 pack on a 24 of beer”, is a modest live/work project. The lower box is a yoga studio. The upper two storey box is a one bedroom, loft style home.

The form for Box House was conceived together with the client at her kitchen table. It is an essay about the gesture of tearing one box out of another; where the tear becomes glass.

The project is experienced as a choreographed sequence of vignettes, from the landscape approach to the master bedroom as one spirals upward into the boxes.

This 1500 ft² house/studio has an extremely tight budget. In order to achieve a frugally chic aesthetic, the project exploits the banal, vernacular platform framing construction system, complete with the conventional gang nail roof trusses used in most affordable bungalows in North America today.