Computer Science Building
Dalhousie University

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This fast track project required a fully occupied building in only 18 months. This situation favored a participatory design process. It required a building systems or infrastructure approach, with each building system expressed independently to avoid interference between trades, and to allow for sequential tendering.

The Dean's view of the computer science as an enabling discipline in a contemporary university led to the foregrounding of social space. The cyber cafe located within an 60 ft atrium provides multilevel, interdisciplinary gathering place for the university and industry committees. A social stair, reminiscent of the one in Zurich's famous Odeon Cafe, hangs in the atrium as an emblem of this agenda.

MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects were the Design Architects in association with FBM Architects as Prime Consultants.

2000 Lieutenant Governor’s Citation