House 22 Spa

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This project involves the addition of a third pavilion to an earlier project (House on the Nova Scotia Coast #22). The previous two pavilions are rustic hemlock boxes floating above two agrarian hilltops. They are precisely aligned in both plan and section. This new, third pavilion is sited and experienced very differently, below the others and tucked into the edge of the forest, facing a field, before the sea. The spa is conceived as a monolithic block of wood, carved to form interior spaces. All surfaces, inside and outside, are clad in clear cedar boards (re-sawn channel-joint shiplap). In order to maintain this concept, the glass tiles in the bathroom as well as the concrete floor, match the color of the cedar.

One approaches the spa indirectly via an elevated wooden bridge which meanders through the woods, and floats over the existing granite boulders and mosses. The entry porch is an 8' x 8' x 10' cubic recessed 'bite' out of the 16' x 16' facade. One then proceeds into an interior, glazed vestibule (with day bed), then one is pinched between 2 wooden boxes on entering the principal room; then into the southern, recessed porch; out to the field and the sea beyond.

The principle room is both a gym and a gathering place. The north eastern service box contains the sauna, the wet room, and the mechanical systems. The western box is a thick wall containing entry bench, bath, kitchenette, media, pullout daybed and barbeque. The Nanawall doors between the gym and south deck blur the transition from inside to outside. The minimalist approach requires a high level of craftsmanship in order to achieve a calm, serene effect.

Lieutenant Governor’s Citation