Mirror Point Cottage

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Mirror Point Cottage is a vacation home for a local fisherman’s daughter, her Dutch minimalist husband, and their two young children, on a lake near Annapolis Royal in Nova Scotia.

It is formally expressed as an elevated 80-foot long extruded ‘fish shed’ supported by a steel aedicule and a board formed concrete entry core. Spatially, it is a long, south-facing screened porch elevated over the lake for prospect. The thick totemic north wall protects and insulates the interior from the public, north side. The hovering building forms a gate which frames the view to the lake on arrival to the site. The rusted steel aedicule contains a sunken outdoor summer kitchen, which offers a sheltered place at grade for the grandparents to watch the children playing on the beach. The garage/bunkie acts as a miniature version of the main house.

Materially this is a ‘sweet and sour’ building, combining the highly crafted cedar millwork with banal economical gang nail trusses, which are common in contemporary North American House construction. The exterior is local eastern cedar shingles and a standing seam metal roof. It is a passive solar dwelling with a high thermal mass concrete floor, and hydronic in floor heating.

2016 Record Houses Award
2016 Lieutenant Governor’s Citation